Saturday, 27 March 2010

How to erase a background

The easiest way is to follow these steps:

  1. Open your picture
  2. Duplicate the layer (either right click on the background layer and choose duplicate or drag and drop the layer you wish to duplicate onto the new layer button on the bottom of the layer pallete)
  3. Then create a raster layer (in PSP) or just a new layer with flood fill colour (in Photoshop) above the original background picture, between the two layers as shown above
  4. Then choose your erasing method (freehand eraser, background eraser tool, lasso tool)

The raster layer or flood filled layer should be between the original background and duplicate layer so that as you erase the background on the top layer, you can see the flood filled colour underneath. If you did not create this one colour layer between the two images you would not see the areas you had erased as you would see the original picture underneath!

Do not forget what layer you are working on. You need to be clicked on the top layer on the layer palette when erasing so you erase the background of the top layer!

Good luck!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Michael Kitchen Easter Wallpaper

Another wallpaper created with Mum to teach her how to use 'stroke' command, and different colours in addition to using borders found on the internet.

Sarah's update

Have done (a) with no writing or stars across the top (b) no stars top or bottom and (c) stars top and bottom.

I like (a) best i am not sure about the stars on the top and I think it is better without the writing! Well done Jimmy!

Sarah's Family Picture

This is what I have designed for Sarah so far. Click on it to see it larger!

The text font and what it says can be changed, as can if you hate the stars etc!

If you want more adding to it or anything you can think of, just let me know. Add a comment below this post and I will change it and load another preview.


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Photoshop > Paintshop Pro Instructions

FOund this amazing site that will help anyone who is looking at my Photoshop tutorials but using Paintshop Pro. If I say how to do something andf the menus are not there, check out the instruction on the list on the link below and it will tell you.

Do not ask me why Blogger will not let me set this as a clickable link, just copy and paste this in the webpage bar.

Good luck!

Friday, 12 March 2010

More wallpapers

Again, feel free to ask for hints, tips or tutorials


Any Questions?

If you see a picture and like the colouring or style, please comment and I will add a tutorial. I will also be adding some wallpapers, banners and icons/avatars I made in the past too.

More pictures

Some arted photos

Basic Photo Improvement using blur

Glam up an ordinary picture with the following tutorial

Any questions, leave a comment.

If you want to follow my tutorials, please follow :)