Friday, 12 March 2010

Any Questions?

If you see a picture and like the colouring or style, please comment and I will add a tutorial. I will also be adding some wallpapers, banners and icons/avatars I made in the past too.


  1. Like the latest pics Sam, did you use the pen path tool to crop out the children to place them on the new background? If so you've feathered it well, great job!

    BTW if you're having issues with Photoshop freezing make sure everything is up-to-date. This includes windows/OSx and any Adobe product, you should have Adobe updater installed on your system (which itself needs updating from time to time).

    I had a ton of issues when I switched to snow leopard OSX on my mac - I ended up getting CS4 Premium and then installing almost 1GB worth of updates before it ran perfectly!

  2. Wow that is alot of updates! I am not sure if it just because I am working on Lyly's laptop and saving to a large external hard drive and it slows down when it writes to it? After it has saved once, all saves after run really smooth!

    As for the pen path tool, I normally would use this but on this occasion I used the following method:

    Background eraser tool (because they were on a same colour sofa so it worked pretty well)

    Deleted any bits with a normal round eraser and trimmed up the edges leaving a little of the blue sofa around them so as not to erase them

    Then added gaussian blur to not only make them look a tiny bit more glammed up but also to blur the edges so they merged a bit better with the purple

    I was lucky the colour Sarah chose was purple and that the existing colour was dark blue so it worked well. Normally though I would sit and be patient cutting the edges out as I did on the picture I did for Lyly and her family.

    I feel lucky you introduced me to Paintshop Pro and showed me some techniques, you are my hero! Although Photoshop allows more alterations than PSP, which I feel is designed with the tools already set as buttons, like teeth whitening and skin smoothing. Do not get me wrong, those are great but I had the worst trouble showing Sarah how to do ouer glow, it seems you can only do box shadow as a similar task in PSP which is not the same at all!

    You need to start your own blog because you do some amazing stuff!

  3. hi sam its sarah,i duplicated a layer i then done a raster layer,on the raster layer i wanted to take the background out but it wont work?? x

  4. If you are trying to delete the background of a picture, you need to follow the new post I will add in a second!