Saturday, 3 April 2010

Laptop Custom Design Wallpapers : Taking requests!!

If you would like a photo or photos, edited and made into a wallpaper for your laptop, please subscribe to the blog using Google log in. It is the same log in you can use to access and save your favourite videos on Photobucket

  1. Then leave a request in the comments on this post.
  2. Make sure you upload the full size photos to a host like Photobucket
  3. Let me know the size of your desktop or laptop screen Check your Screen Resolution
  4. Then tell me a colour scheme and any other details like the text you want or other images etc.
  5. I will then produce a draft copy and post it here for you to see and if you are on Facebook I can upload a link to your Home.
  6. If you follow me on Twitter, I can do the same and send you a link as a message.
  7. If you like the examples above or any others posted to the blog, do not hesitate to ask for a similar design.
  8. Also, if you want to learn how to make the wallpaper, I can also make you a tutorial as well. Just request and I will post the tutorial along with the final image.

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